Enrollment (fall) - (used by THECB)

Fall enrollment numbers reflect all students enrolled at the reporting institution as of the official census date, which is the 12th class day for the fall semester. Students who withdraw from a class on or before the official census date are not included.

Enrollment (fall) - (used by IPEDS)

Total men and women enrolled for credit in the fall of the academic year.

Status (full-time/part-time) - (used by THECB)

Undergraduates with total semester credit hours (SCH)of 12 or greater are considered full-time students. Post-baccalaureates and graduates with total SCH of 9 or greater are considered full-time students.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE, FTSE) Students (fall) - (used by THECB)

FTE is the percentage equivalent to full-time attendance: 1.0 FTE equals 100%, or full-time, student enrollment status. 0.5 FTE equals 50%, or half-time, student enrollment status.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE, FTSE) Students (fall) - (used by IPEDS)

This variable is derived from the enrollment by race/ethnicity section of the IPEDS fall enrollment survey. The full-time equivalent of the institution's part-time enrollment is estimated and then added to the full-time enrollment of the institution. This formula has been used to produce the full-time equivalent enrollment that is published annually in the Digest of Education Statistics. The full-time equivalent of part-time enrollment is estimated by multiplying the part-time enrollment by factors that vary by control and level of institution and level of student. The following factors were used for FTE Student calculation:

  • Part-time undergraduate enrollment (line 22): Public 4-year .403543
  • First professional (line 23): Public 4-year .600000
  • Graduate (line 25): Public 4-year .361702


  • UT Arlington: In fall 2007, because of a software conversion, over 1,000 students were incorrectly classified as Unknown instead of International at UTA. Based on revised figures from UTA, the correct International enrollment for fall 2007 is as follows: 764 or 4.1% undergraduates; 1,918 or 31.6% graduates; and 2,682 or 10.8% total enrollment.
  • UT Southwestern: Enrollment at the Master’s level increased at UTSWMC in fall 2004 with the addition of the postdoctoral scholars program, which emphasizes scholarship and research as well as training for postdoctoral scholars. Enrollment in this certificate program is distributed throughout the various departments of the Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' Division of Basic Science.  
  • UT HSC-Tyler: UTHSCT enrolled students for the first time in fall 2012.
  • The UT Brownsville and UT Pan American campuses closed at the end of AY 2015. UT Rio Grande Valley began enrolling students in Fall 2015.


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board data from the Student Report (CBM001)

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

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