Teaching Load Credits

Teaching Load Credits (TLCs)

The number of teaching load credits for a faculty member are based primarily on time spent in the classroom. For example, teaching a three hour course would yield three teaching load credits. Other activities may earn teaching load credits, e.g., more credits are assigned for large classes or writing intensive courses; credits may also be assigned for directing graduate students, editing a major journal, or extraordinary involvement in administration, etc.


Calculating Average TLCs per Tenured/Tenure-Track FTE

Annual TLCs for all levels (undergraduate and graduate) were averaged for for each academic year by full-time equivalent tenured/tenure-track faculty (THECB). For the FTE calculation for this measure, only instructional appointment 01 (direct instruction) was used.


The UT Brownsville and UT Pan American campuses closed at the end of AY 2015. UT Rio Grande Valley began enrolling students in Fall 2015.


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board data from the Course Report (CBM004) and Faculty Report (CBM008).

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