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Percent of Doctors Working in Texas Two Years After Completing Residency with UT System

The percent of Medical Residency Completers Practicing in Texas (LBB: I-4 & HC-1) is defined as physicians who are practicing medicine at a Texas address two years after completing an institutionally-affiliated and accredited residency training program in Texas. For example, for those completing their residency training program in 2012, this metric looks at whether or not they are practicing medicine at a Texas address in 2014—two years after completion.

Permanent University Fund (PUF)

A public endowment contributing to the support of The University of Texas System (excludes UTB and UTPA) and select institutions of The Texas A&M University System. The PUF was established in the Texas Constitution of 1876. Find out more about the PUF.

Permanent Health Fund (PHF)

An internal UT System mutual fund for the pooled investment of state endowment funds for health-related institutions of higher education. These endowments were created, effective August 30, 1999, by the Texas Legislature and funded with proceeds from state tobacco litigation. Find out more about the PHF.


A student possessing a baccalaureate degree but who has not been admitted to a graduate program and is not currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program.

Professional Level

A student admitted to an approved special-professional program at the institution. For the academic institutions this includes law and pharmacy, as well as a small number of other special professional programs. For the health institutions this includes primarily medical and dental students.

Published Tuition and Fees (used by IPEDS)

Tuition is the amount of money charged to students for instructional services. Tuition may be charged per term, per course, or per credit. Required fees are fixed sum charged to students for items not covered by tuition and required of such a large proportion of all students that the student who does NOT pay the charge is an exception. Based on residency.

  • In-state: For students who meet the state's or institution's residency requirement.
  • Out of state: For students who do not meet the state's or institution's residency requirement.
Professional Academic Advisors

Advisers in the colleges and schools assist students in understanding the requirements necessary to complete their chosen major, inform them about appropriate course sequences and course content, and provide information about graduate school and career opportunities.

Per Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) Student - (used by IPEDS Finance)

Revenues are divided by fall FTE student enrollment (IPEDS).


Doctor of Philosophy. Often used more generally to refer to any doctoral-level degree.

Percent of Graduates with Debt

The percentage of students who borrowed at any time through any loan program while at the current institution. Money borrowed from other institutions is excluded.